Get Started
Install and setup Hue Debugger UI
Install Desktop Client
The easiest way to get up and running, is by downloading and installing the desktop client
Run with Docker
You can also run Hue Debugger UI in your browser using Docker.
First, you need to have Docker installed on your system.
See how to get Docker installed on Dockers official webpage.
Run Docker image
Use the following command from command prompt or terminal.
docker run -p 5000:80 silind/hue-debugger-ui:2.0.0
Hue Debugger UI will now be available in your browser on localhost:5000
Run with Node
If you prefer, you can also download the source code, and start the software on a local server using Node.
First, you need to have Node installed on your system.
Go and install the latest LTS version on Nodes official webpage.
Setting up
  • Clone the repository from Github.
  • Extract the files and navigate to folder from command prompt or terminal.
  • Use the command (npm or yarn).
  • npm install
  • After installing, start the local server by using the command.
  • npm start
    Hue Debugger UI will prompt in your browser on localhost:3000
    Pull requests are always more than welcome!
    If you find a bug - please raise an issue.
    Maintained by
    Silind Software